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About Darcy Bailey & Associates
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Darcy Bailey
Clinic Owner & Director

About Us

We have impacted the lives of thousands of clients over 17 yrs of being in practice and we are grateful to have maintained the continued trust in our services from various professionals in the community and from those who have direct experiences with us. Our reputation of excellence and helping people of all ages to thrive in their life through change & growth, has become our Legacy.

As much as we have served many, we’ve been honoured to have also learned from our clients. We know how important relationships are and our human need for connection:

to be seen, heard, accepted and understood.

One of the greatest gifts we can offer anyone is the awareness of a new possibility for a better life. Many have shared with us that they found their happiness and are living a better life – a life they deserve.

This is why we do what we do.

We fundamentally believe that you are not broken and don’t need fixing. We work from a strengths perspective and apply various proven effective therapeutic modalities, personalized for your unique needs – to us, you are not just a number – and we understand that you have specific needs. Our therapists not only prioritize a genuine connection, but practice with strong foundations in training & knowledge, as well as a developed expertise through experience.

In therapy, there are tools to learn, skills to apply, practice to be done, things to understand, insights to be gained and experiences to be had – and we will help you with it all. You can also expect to be respectfully challenged .. which we know is where the growth edge is.

Our therapists provide a safe space or non judgement and compassion. The space is sacred and a place where healing, learning and growth takes place, so that you can live a life you love .. and thrive.


We recognize the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the ‘right fit’ to support you. Meet our experienced therapists for your best match.

Why Choose Darcy Bailey & Associates Counselling?


We walk our talk

We are real people, with many experiences – frankly, a lot of experience !!

Combined with professional training so that WE GET YOU.

We embody compassion, genuine connection, acceptance and non judgement. And we will challenge you .. because you matter and your wellness is our priority.


17 + year Legacy of Service with Excellence

1000’s (thousands) of people served
We are dedicated to exceptional service through continued training and applied practise.

We are eager to continue to lead with excellence for many, many more years.


Over 70% of our clients come from word of mouth

says everything

We are humbled and honoured to continue to be a trusted choice, to support you, your family & people who matter to you.

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How We Help

Our Philosophy Is Based On 7 Principles Of Empowering You

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone. Getting Help Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Or Overwhelming. We Can Help.

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