Darcy Bailey Photo

Darcy Bailey, MSW, RSW, RCC, DipAT


  • B.C. Association of Clinical Counselors
  • B.C. College of Social Workers
  • B.C. Association of Art Therapy
  • B.C. Association of Social Workers
  • B.C. Play Therapy Association


  • Masters in Social Work (MSW), University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
  • Bachelors in Social Work (BSW), Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
  • BA Criminology, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, Post Graduate Diploma
  • Play Therapy Training
  • Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Satir Family Systems therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Training

Being a Counsellor

Darcy is a skilled and compassionate child, teen, and family therapist in Langley, BC. She has strong integrity and intuition. She sees her role as a therapist as being someone who facilitates change in a non-judgmental and caring manner.

Darcy’s interest in being a counsellor stems from her curiosity about people – why they behave in certain ways and how they relate to one another. She is continuously inspired by her clients’ strengths to find solutions to their problems.

Being a counsellor provides Darcy with a sense of purpose – it is her way of making a contribution to the world.

Counselling Background

Darcy has been a counsellor since 1992. She worked in various community, government, and mental health organizations before starting her private therapy practice in 2006.

Darcy started her career working in the criminal justice system but quickly learned that she wanted to work with children and their families where she saw she could be a catalyst for change.

Key Philosophical Beliefs

  • All people have the ability to change and improve their lives.
  • Every challenge is an opportunity for change and growth.
  • Self-awareness and the willingness face one’s problems are the courageous act that leads to improving one’s life.
  • A strong connection with people is fundamental both inside and outside the therapy room.

Darcy as a Person

Darcy has learned that all challenges and pain in life have a silver lining. She overcame many struggles in her early life and has found peace, love, joy and gratitude. She discovered firsthand that if you want to have a better life you have to be courageous, take risks to face challenges, and make a conscious decision to commit to change.

Darcy resides in Langley with her husband and two children. She enjoys being active, running, walking, cooking, reading, gardening and creative work, spending time with her family and friends.

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