Nancy Orlikow

Nancy Orlikow MA, RCC, BCATR


  • Registered Clinical Counsellor, B.C. Association of Clinical Counselors
  • Registered Art Therapist, B.C. Art Therapy Association
  • Member of BC Play Therapy Association


  • Master’s Degree, Expressive Arts Therapy and Psychology, The European Graduate University in Switzerland
  • Graduate Diploma, Art Therapy, British Columbia School of Art Therapy
  • B.A. Painting and Psychology, University of Manitoba

Being a Counsellor

Nancy is a client-centred, strengths-based counsellor who emphasizes creating a unique treatment plan for each client. Her primary mode of therapy is art therapy as she finds it to be a powerful tool to process and heal difficult experiences.

Nancy has a strong ability to tune into what her clients are experiencing and reframe their experiences in a way that is helpful to them. Her clients feel “seen” and understood by her, which is validating and empowering.

Nancy feels it is a privilege to work with people – to be a part of their journey towards healing and creating a better life.

Nancy is passionate about her work – her contribution to the world is to help people believe in their strengths and to heal – in the hopes of making the world a better place.

Counselling Background

Nancy Orlikow has been a therapist in a variety of community-based and non-profit organizations throughout BC and Manitoba since 1995.

She has many years of experience on several trauma teams working with children, youth and their families to overcome the impact of trauma from sexual abuse as well as other difficulties.

Nancy also has vast experience as a clinical supervisor and manager, overseeing clinical programs in the areas of suicide prevention, family counselling, sexual abuse counselling, and crisis line services.

She has served as a community committee member, an agency privacy officer, and a consultant on several high-profile cases in the communities she serves.

Key Philosophical Beliefs

  • Every person has the capacity to grow and change. A therapist’s job is to help them see and build upon their strengths.
  • The client is the expert on their life and problems.
  • Counselling is a collaboration between the client and therapist.
  • Every client has unique needs and requires a customized approach.
  • A therapist’s job is to encourage clients to look at their situations in new and creative ways to open to new possibilities.

Nancy as a Person

Nancy is an accomplished mixed media artist and held her first solo art show in the spring of 2014.  She is a parent to two children and enjoys running, travelling, hiking and maintaining good health.

As a very shy child in a large family, Nancy turned to drawing and art to create a space in the chaos – a space to daydream and work through her feelings. One of Nancy’s gifts is her ability to “see” with the sensitivity of an artist. Her life experiences, as well as her educational and professional background, have provided her with solid experiences and knowledge that help to ground her work.

It is a true honor to be of support and service to you. It is my intention to create a safe and supportive space for you to feel heard and seen. Together we can work together to help you to locate your inner resources and innate healing abilities to work through whatever life’s challenges. I consider our work together as a collaboration. It is my role to listen deeply and learn about you and to utilize my clinical background and experience to help you to synthesize creative and practical solutions that may serve as a map for you going forward toward healing and living a more fulfilling empowered life.

My offering is upwards of thirty years of clinical practice within various settings from rural non-profit agencies in northern BC, anti-oppression, indigenous, feminist, education, and urban inner-city environments, to private practice-based therapy. Ongoing education and training along with my own practices in art, meditation, Breathwork, yoga, and nature immersion (to name a few) enable me to offer you tools that are innovative and steeped in both ancient and current research/understanding.

Although I am trained as an art therapist, I employ a variety of approaches and modalities in my work. By helping you to harness your creativity and imagination, I will help guide you to novel ways of approaching your problems. I look forward to walking alongside you.

“Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality.” Arthur Koester

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