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Darcy Bailey, MSW, RSW, RCC, DipAT


Darcy Bailey

Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked with an extensive range of people and situations and have had thousands of conversations.  

In continued pursuit of the best tools and techniques to facilitate change for people I have been blessed with being mentored by incredible industry trailblazers and revolutionizers, learning leading edge approaches – all of which I have applied and integrated into my own life.  The foundation of the techniques and modalities that I work with rest in transpersonal psychology, attachment based and trauma informed practice, neuroscience, psychology, somatics, heart-brain coherence, hypnotherapy, spirituality & energetics. 

During the past 7 years, my work has expanded to include Transformational Mindset & Business Coaching, supporting heart centered, mission based entrepreneurs who are in pursuit of their dreams and making an impact in the world.   

I have a limited capacity to take on new clients.

I work with people to reveal the unconscious beliefs and heal the root causes of the programs and patterns and cause people to get in their own way and limit themselves from their potential,  through an integrative methodology to which combines scientific, psychological, spiritual and energetic principles for mind, heart, body and soul level transformation.   

Working with me requires a commitment to a package of a minimum of 90 days, for a specific fee investment.  

For more information about an opportunity to work with me, you can email directly darcy@darcybaileycounselling.com 

I believe that if we want to change what is going on around us, we need to do the inner work.

Two core methodologies I work with is HeartHealing™ and RapidMindsetShifts.  A one time introductory session is available for $325 (for each session).

HeartHealing™ is an approach to access unconscious programs and patterns that are rooted in our core relationships and that ultimately dictate the experiences of our life.  If we want to change what is going on around us, we need to do the inner work.  HeartHealing™ is a hypnotherapy based guided experience which incorporates science and energetic principles that address core wounds and root imprints from primary relationships, that impact our capacity around love, trust, worth and acceptance – which consequently impact every aspect of our life. 

RapidMindShift is methodology used to conquer the limiting beliefs and radically change the way you think, feel and experience your life.  This process in equipped with principles and tools to rewire your brain and nervous system so that you can not only navigate life every day with ease and joy  – but leverage the technology to create more possibilities for your life.   

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