How Our Counselling Works

Darcy Bailey and Associates in Langley, BC


It takes willingness, determination, and faith to make your life better.

We are highly trained and experienced therapists who help facilitate the improvements that you want to make in your life. If you come to us feeling discouraged without a great deal of hope, we will help support you and encourage you until you have more strength, determination and faith to make the changes you want to make.

We believe anyone can change and experience a personal transformation. All people have inner strength and resilience, but sometimes they get stuck, preventing growth from occurring. When unhappiness prevails despite your best efforts, counselling can help you get unstuck allowing healing to take place.


Our counsellors believe that anyone can change and achieve personal transformation. We help you build strength and resilience so that you can more easily move forward in your life when you get stuck.

Our therapists work from a client-centred framework meaning our clients’ needs and goals always come first. We easily connect and build relationships with all types of people, regardless of their religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, age or personality.

While we work with adults who are struggling with a range of personal problems, and parenting problems, we have a unique ability to build deep connections with children and teens.

Children and teens like to attend our counselling sessions because we know how to communicate with them in a way that they respond to. In addition, because we use some of the most effective tools available that are often fun to play with, our child and teen clients feel positive about being in therapy.

As therapists, we are genuine, non-judgmental and empathic. We care about you and your struggles. We are experienced and highly trained and have great senses of humour. Laughter is part of the healing journey.


We are trained in proven techniques for helping you and your family feel better about your life. These leading methods help you, and your family achieve the goals you want.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most utilized and researched therapy approaches. Research has proven its effectiveness for a wide range of problems. CBT focuses on changing your negative thoughts, often those you may not be aware of. When you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, your feelings and behaviour can change.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a form of CBT. It helps you identify your strengths and build on them so you can feel better about yourself and your life.

DBT focuses on negative thoughts, but also looks at how you relate to others in your life. As well, DBT explores the intensity of your emotional reactions to people and events in your life. It helps to reduce the intensity of your negative emotions, assisting in regulating them so that you can relate to people from a calmer state of being.

Satir Family Systems Therapy

Virginia Satir developed Family Systems Therapy to help families improve their communication and relationships with each other. Satir Family Systems Therapy works with your behaviour, emotions, and perceptions and how these are expressed in your family.

The Satir Therapy method also aims to help you connect more deeply with your higher wisdom so that you have more positive energy in your life and become more “fully human.”

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is one of the most well-researched and effective techniques for helping people resolve and heal difficult or traumatic events. These events include verbal, physical or sexual abuse in childhood or adulthood, witnessing a traumatic event, or being involved in an accident or natural disaster. People often have symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when they have had any of these experiences. EMDR is highly effective at relieving symptoms of PTSD. EMDR can also be used to help resolve smaller, seemingly insignificant events that are causing problems in your life.

Art Therapy for Teens and Adults

Art Therapy is an expressive arts therapy tool used with people of all ages. It helps express emotions and thoughts that you may be unable to express in words. It also helps access unconscious feelings and thoughts that may be getting in the way of your life. Through the dialogue you have with your therapist during the process of art therapy, you or your child can heal on a very deep level.

Play Therapy & Art Therapy for Children

Play therapy is generally used with children between 2-12 years of age. Specialized toys and art techniques are utilized. These help children express themselves and resolve problems and traumas in a safe and non-intrusive way. We have a fully equipped play therapy room that children love.

Sand Tray Therapy for Children

Sand tray therapy is an expressive arts therapy used with children who are struggling with emotional, social, behavioural, or learning problems. Children use figurines and other objects to make “stories” in the sand. Like play and art therapy, sand tray therapy provides a safe way for children to express and work through their emotions, solve problems, and learn new skills.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma-informed therapy is a specialized therapy that addresses the unique difficulties of recovering from traumatic events. Trauma-informed therapy may address the event itself, the lingering feelings and memories from the event as well as the impact of the trauma in your life, as often seen in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Rest assured, our therapists are trained to address these tender feelings in a safe and healthy space.

Couples / Marriage Counselling

Couples and marriage therapy supports the relationship by strengthening relationship dynamics, communication skills, connections, love, and intimacy. Since relationships can be challenging, regardless of how much we care about each other, it helps to have someone in your corner.

Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on carefully and safely addressing issues that are hindering your family. This ranges from communication issues to large life changes like divorce, adoption, marriage, and more. At Darcy Bailey and Associates Counselling, our family counsellors and therapists specialize in harmonizing families back onto the same wavelength.

If you want help in resolving your, your child’s, or your family’s problems, contact us now and find out how we can help.