Find Hope in the Future and Move Forward Out of The Current Problem

Our expert therapists in Langley, BC, support you and your goals with solution-focused therapy.

Solution-focused therapy or solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), is a type of therapy that prioritizes your future and your goals. By concentrating on how to move forward, this type of therapy finds solutions by using your strengths and hopes. All in all, SFBT is one method of therapy to help you lead you to the next stage of your life.

Here are some problems our trauma-centred therapists can provide support for:

Since SFBT focuses on solutions, it has great results for those who are hoping to reach specific milestones and overcome hiccups on the path to their goals.

Focusing on what is within your control and what can be done to improve your situation can have a significant impact on alleviating signs of stress.

While SFBT is not suitable for major psychiatric conditions, like psychosis or schizophrenia, it does have uses for mood-related disorders as it centres on bringing awareness and solutions to the situation.

Finding solutions and positive actions can be beneficial to a relationship, even if the relationship is already in a fine position.

SFBT can be worked into a recovery program to help reduce addiction severity and provide relief.

Our Solution-Focused Therapy Supports You to Move Forward into Your Potential

At Darcy Bailey and Associates Counselling, our therapists use SFBT to spotlight solutions for problems. When compared to more traditional forms of therapy, the emphasis is on finding solutions.

Reaching your potential is possible with solution-focused therapy.

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Potential Benefits of Solution-Focused Therapy for Your Life:

  • A stronger sense of self and greater self-confidence
  • Decreased feelings of hopelessness or loneliness
  • Better problem-solving skills and mindset
  • Increased ability to set achievable goals
  • Good sense of inner strengths and abilities

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