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Trauma often makes you feel alone. We’re here to show you that you aren’t.

Trauma doesn’t always look the same. Technically, trauma is the lingering emotional response to a distressing event. While many people go through difficult or troubling moments in their life, trauma is marked differently as it often persists long after the event has passed.

At Darcy Bailey and Associates Counselling, our trauma counsellors and therapists specialize in addressing the unique difficulties of recovering from traumatic events. Trauma-informed therapy can address the event itself, the lingering feelings and memories from the event as well as the impact of the trauma in your life, as often seen in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Coping and recovery are possible with trauma-informed therapy.

Here are some problems our trauma-centred therapists can provide support for:

Whether a victim of the violence itself or an onlooker of the event, any act of violence can allow trauma to linger behind it.

Childhood trauma may present itself in childhood or years later. Often, this is a result of exposure to invasive, interpersonal trauma as a child. It may also include early childhood trauma, which is experienced from the ages of 0-6 years old.

When someone is attacked – physically, verbally, socially, or emotionally – it can leave deep scars that linger for years.

From experiencing harsh natural disasters, like fires and floods, to facing other catastrophic events, like car crashes, explosions, and others, these types of events can be extremely traumatic.

Abuse can come from a number of people in your life, including parents, partners, and trusted friends. The abuse, coupled with the violation of your trust, can make it hard to find recovery alone.

A traumatic event is any event that causes an undue amount of stress. Generally, these moments include feelings of helplessness, loneliness, serious injury, or the threat of serious injury or death. Any moment marked with these feelings can be considered a traumatic event.

Our Trauma-Informed Therapy Supports You Through the Most Challenging Moments of Your Life

Our therapists move at a pace that is comfortable for you every step of the way. Since unpacking trauma can be difficult and emotional, our therapists are trained to supportively ease you into the process.

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Our expert therapists in Langley, BC, support you through the most difficult moments of life.

Potential Benefits of Trauma-Focused Counselling for Your Life:

  • Establish a sense of safety and safe boundaries
  • Improve daily functioning and abilities
  • Identify triggers in a controlled and low-risk environment
  • Discover healthy coping mechanisms that work for you
  • Learn how to process overwhelming emotion in healthy ways
  • Reduce the number of traumatic stress symptoms you experience daily
  • Learn to process the trauma in a safe place
  • Support the rewiring of the brain and nervous system, so that you experience more calm in your life

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