Refocus On Your Marriage or Relationship

Our expert therapists in Langley, BC, provide clarity and support to your romantic relationships to address a number of common concerns.

At Darcy Bailey and Associates Counselling, we know that relationships are hard work. Here, we support you in your journey to cherish your loved ones and the relationships you have with them.

Since relationships, especially long-term romantic commitments like marriage, rely on two people continuously supporting and caring for each other, many partners come to us in a variety of situations. They may be contemplating divorce or looking to get married. They may be in the middle of career changes or dealing with an illness. Or, they may simply desire a bit more closeness and intimacy with their partner.

No matter the reason, trust that our capable and supportive therapists are here to assist you and your loved one. Often, this means facilitating good communication avenues, as well as guiding both parties to strengthen communication skills, coping mechanisms, and effective relationship planning.

Learning to support and recommit to each other through therapy is possible.

Here are some problems our marriage and couples therapy clients bring to us:

When there is any sort of emotional distance in a relationship, it is impossible to remain close. Mending this gap is vital to a healthy relationship or marriage.

Affairs are often at the centre of an unhappy or unhealthy relationship. In order to start to forgive and heal from an affair, many people turn to counselling to have a guide through an often messy event.

Not everyone is built for the same intimacy. Without the right amount of intimacy, a relationship often feels strained.

The only communication might be snippets of small talk. It might be bickering or full-blown arguments. But, couples and marriage therapy can help with communication issues of all designs.

Getting married, having or adopting a child, the loss of a loved one, retiring from a career: milestones come in all shapes and shades. Some are devastating and others are joyous. And yet, all have the potential to shift, shape, and strain a relationship.

When trauma or extreme difficulties arise in life, it has the potential to alter our relationships as well. After a traumatic event, it can be helpful to find guidance from a trained professional for your relationship changes as well.

 The choice of how to spend or save money, the decision to have children or not, and differing opinions on religion or spirituality can all add pressure to an otherwise happy relationship. Learning to resolve and communicate with your partner can ease these discussions and provide clarity about your relationship.

Our Therapists Provide Clarity to Strained Relationships. We Also Help Guide Healthy Relationships Through Loss, Trauma, or Huge Life Changes.

Marriage and couples counselling has a reputation of being necessary when relationships are strained or on the verge of breaking. This is not always the case. Our clients find support through a variety of methods, no matter the state of health or happiness in the relationship. Many couples seek counselling, for example, before marriage to ensure that both parties have the same expectations of each other.

Of course, should a relationship be in a strained position, counselling is often helpful to guide each party through the crises. The stress may be coming from within the relationship, such as an affair committed by one partner. It may also come from outside the relationship, such as a sudden loss of employment, illness, family death, or a number of other circumstances.

Relationships change and evolve. Sometimes, these changes result in conflict and tension.

Relationships also tend to form patterns of behaviour and develop a dynamic that is unhealthy for the relationship. Therapy can support and facilitate the strengthening of the relationship so that it is thriving, through addressing the relationship dynamics, improved communication, connection, love and intimacy.

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Regardless of the reason for Couples Counselling Langley, Our Counsellors help you build on your Relationship.

We strengthen the bonds that are already shared between partners while providing you with the right resources and tools to shape new connections for the future.

Potential Benefits of Couples & Marriage Counselling for Your Life and Relationship:

  • Improved communication between partners
  • Increased intimacy
  • Refined levels of trust and support
  • Clarity and definition around the relationship
  • Resolution to recurring fights or arguments
  • Feeling heard and understood by your spouse or partner
  • Healing old wounds and conflicts
  • Improved conflict resolution skills
  • A clear set of priorities as a couple
  • Increase support of each other and their dreams
  • Clearer management of large life transitions

Have questions about counselling or therapy? Want to make sure Darcy Bailey and Associates Counselling in Langley have the right counsellors for you and your relationships?

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