Families are complex. Sometimes, you need another set of hands.

Our expert therapists in Langley, BC, reinforce family bonds and guide you through difficult times.

Our families are some of the first and most important relationships we build. And yet, sometimes they are the ones we forget to develop and make time for. A lack of attention to these relationships can create strain. Large changes, like marriage, blending families, or divorce, as well as difficult events, such as illness, addiction, or death, can exacerbate this strain.

At Darcy Bailey and Associates Counselling, our family counsellors and therapists specialize in harmonizing families back onto the same wavelength. From struggles communicating with one another to guiding you through substantial family changes like divorce, adoption, marriage, and more, we offer a safe place to work through these moments.

Refocusing on family is possible through therapy.

Here are some problems our family therapy can help with:

  • The desire to resolve high-tension conflicts between family members.
  • Worrying about a family member with substance use disorder or addiction, as well as learning how to support all family members during this time.
  • Worrying about a family member who has been diagnosed with or who lives with a serious, life-changing illness, including mental illnesses and special needs.
  • Concern with the blending of two families through marriage or with the splitting of a family due to divorce or separation.
  • Finding guidance through a traumatic time, including the death of a family member.
  • Learning to manage and support young family members who have behavioural problems.
  • Managing difficulties between siblings and each other or children and parents.
  • And other issues that address or need to be addressed by the whole family.

Our Family Therapists Support You and Your Family Through the Trickiest Circumstances, Changes, and Trauma

Since our family therapists are trained to address a myriad of issues a family may be struggling with, you can trust you’re in good hands.

Our therapists offer support and customized guidance tailored to your needs. We will guide your family through a variety of coping mechanisms, as well as expand their communication and conflict-management skills.

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Ease Family Worries and Tension

Strengthen Bonds During Crises and Trauma

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Family is important. Family counselling helps direct your familial relationships back to their healthiest and happiest place possible.

Potential Benefits of Family Counselling for Your Family and Your Life:

  • Learn how to develop healthy boundaries for you and your family.
  • Improve communication between family members. This includes discovering new communication methods and skills.
  • Address dysfunctional relationships and help restore family dynamics.
  • Provide healthy coping mechanisms for family members in the face of trauma or difficulties.
  • Solve large family issues and dilemmas.
  • Create healthy and happy home environments for all family members.

Have questions about counselling or therapy? Want to make sure Darcy Bailey and Associates Counselling in Langley have the right counsellors for you and your relationships?

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