Our Teen Counsellors Help Your Teen to Thrive Through the Biggest Crises

Many problems tend to get worse over time. We address problems in the early years to prevent them from spiralling and creating compounding issues. Sometimes, parents come to us to help with recurring problems, like feelings of anxiety and depression. Other times, our counsellors confront larger issues, like trauma.

Whether your problems are big or small, our expert child and teen counsellors have the skills to help you and your family be happier.

Here are some of the problems where counselling can help your teen:

Small tiffs and fights are normal. Seemingly uncontrollable aggressive periods or moments are an indication that it might be time to see a teen counsellor.

Periods of sadness are normal. Long periods of depression or deep depressive episodes are not. This can be indicative of a number of larger issues and are best addressed through the support of a mental health professional.

While teens can go through emotional stages, periods of extreme sadness can be indications of larger issues.

Teenagers go through a lot, so having an extra level of support is a good path to keeping your teenager as happy and healthy as possible.

This is where your child goes from a heightened emotional state to another one, usually very quickly.

While many teens may experience poor grades in certain subjects for a variety of reasons, seeking out help to support your teen when everything else fails is always a good course of action.

This can take shape as avoiding eye contact, social situations, limiting facial interaction, as well as many other signs.

Sleeping problems take shape in several ways, including an inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or even wake up. While some teens have irregular sleep schedules and may sleep longer than they did as children, when their sleep issues start to interfere with their day-to-day life, it may be time to talk to a therapist.

Not all eating problems are indicative of an eating disorder; however, eating issues that are prolonged or appeared in teenagers is a sign that some counselling may be beneficial.

Teens are supposed to rebel a bit. But, this rebellion should not seem dangerous, sudden, overly impulsive, or life-threatening.

Bullying is a type of abuse that can torment teenagers well after their high school years. Receiving support from a mental health professional can help prevent these scars from dictating their life.

Again, a certain amount of withdrawal from people can be normal through the teenage years. When this social isolation persists or onsets suddenly, it may be helpful to speak to one of our specialized counsellors.

Many addictions start in their formative years. While wanting to experiment with substances may be normal, it’s also important that teenagers know how to have a healthy relationship with substances. Speaking to one of our counsellors can help your teenager from using these as a coping mechanism or from causing an addiction.

Big life changes are always challenging. Big life changes during formative years can feel devastating. Our counsellors are trained to help safely and healthily support these big adjustments.

Some events leave scars, no matter how healthy our coping mechanisms may be. When these earth-shattering moments happen, it’s healthy to seek the support of a trained professional.

Any of the above problems can be challenging to resolve as a parent. With the help of our counsellors, your child can get the help that he or she needs. And, if you desire it, we can help assist your journey through these issues with parent counselling.

With our help, your family can have more peace and harmony.

You can stop the worry and the stress. And, your teenager can feel supported throughout their formative years

Our specialized teen counsellors in Langley, BC are dedicated to helping your teenager overcome the biggest of life’s problems, including depression, anxiety, and more.

Without these to worry about, your teenage child can focus on preparing for the rest of their life and reaching their fullest potential.

Raising a teenager can be as complex as being a teenager. Throughout the most complicated years, sometimes it helps to have another person for your child to lean on and feel supported by. Through teen counselling, your child can receive that extra support.

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The Goal of Therapy is to Help Your Adolescent Child Reach Their Potential

Early intervention is best when problems arise with teenagers. However, even when problems have progressed to the point where your life feels like it’s in crisis, there is always hope.

Regardless of the problem, it’s never too late to tackle it. With the right amount of encouragement, commitment, time, and work, you and your family can find happiness.

Benefits of Therapy for Your Teen:

  • Increased feelings of happiness
  • Feeling more secure and confident
  • Better listening skills
  • More cooperation skills
  • Better able to express their feelings and manage their emotions
  • Better emotional stability and the ability to stay calm
  • Improved coping skills
  • Stronger relationships with family members and peers
  • Better communication skills to express needs clearly and respectfully
  • Healthy coping mechanisms for all of life’s challenges
  • Better sleeping and eating habits

Our teenage therapists are trained to be non-judgmental and supportive throughout the whole process. Your child will be back on track to reach their highest possible potential. This process also allows your family to start feeling “normal.” As a family unit, you can experience tremendous relief knowing your child or teenager is happier and healthier.

It takes courage to reach out for help.  Once you do, you’ll experience tremendous relief knowing your teenager is getting the help he or she needs.

Contact us now to find out how we can help.