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Why the Dragonfly ?

As therapists, every interaction has the power to create human connection, through presence. Presence leads to ‘dragonfly moments’.

We want everyone to experience the power of a dragonfly moment.

How The Dragonfly Came About:

Around 2006, I was deeply immersed in art therapy training (aka soul work expansion through creativity) and moving through a lot of personal changes. Images of dragonflies kept showing up in my creative work, consciously unintended .. unconsciously intended. I didn’t know why and it didn’t seem to be all that meaningful at the time, but it was curious.

My beautiful daughter, who was little at the time, was playing in the yard on a hot summer day. I noticed a dragonfly that she seemed to be chasing – and then it seemed to follow her wherever she went. I can only describe a scene where for what seemed like a long period of time, she was ‘dancing’ with this dragonfly; experiencing an incredible interaction. Back and forth they would chase each other – a display of sheer delight, joy, wonder, curiosity and being fully present with the experience of life.

That moment crystallized time as a memory for me.

When I Searched For The Meaning Of A Dragonfly, I
Found The Following:

My Mom Never Met My Daughter, Having Passed Away Years Before My Daughter Was Born.

Upon reading the meaning of the dragonfly, I knew in that moment that the dragonfly interaction held a few potent messages for me. With simple pencil crayons, I sketched an image to capture that moment ~ and it became the logo for my work.

Everyone deserves happiness and to live life to the fullest.

We wish for everyone to have a dragonfly moment, where you are present to experience your life and all the wonder, joy, curiosity, peace and love that is available to you.

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